WebAssembly Hub News Recap – March 2020

On March 5th, we announced an update to WebAssembly Hub in partnership with Google and the Istio community in support of the Istio 1.5 release. Released back in December 2019, WebAssembly Hub is a service for building, sharing, discovering and deploying WebAssembly (Wasm) extensions for Envoy Proxy and Envoy-based solutions like API gateways and service mesh.

WebAssembly Hub is focused around providing a great developer experience for WebAssembly with a workflow that simplifies the process of building and deploying Wasm extensions. Developers can quickly spin up a new WebAssembly project in C++ (we’re expanding this language choice, see below), build it, and push it to an OCI-compliant registry. From there, operators can declaratively and dynamically load the module.

Since the announcement, there have been a number of articles and resources published. This post aggregates the information into one place for you.

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Learn More – Join the March 24th Webinar

Idit Levine, Solo.io founder and CEO and Louis Ryan, Google Principal Engineer on Istio will be hosting a webinar to discuss the importance of WebAssembly to Envoy Proxy based solutions, and in particular Istio service mesh. Learn more about the technical vision and community engagement to bring this innovation to life, what’s in store next, and to ask questions. Watch the webinar here.

More WebAssembly Excitement

WebAssemblyHub bring the power and flexibility of WebAssembly to Envoy Proxy — and makes the customization of Envoy accessible to a wider range of developers. In this livestream co-hosted by Solo.io and HashiCorp, they discuss adding support in Consul Connect service mesh to support the addition of the Wasm modules. Look out for more online sessions, tutorials, demos and discussion.