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Webinar Recap – Advanced Rate Limiting with Envoy Proxy and Gloo API Gateway

In last week’s webinar, Rick Ducott covered advanced use cases of rate limiting with Envoy as the edge proxy managed by Gloo API Gateway. Rate limiting is a strategy that can prevent service outages by protecting the service from being overrun with more requests than it’s resources can process and respond to within the agreed […] | June 30, 2020
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Istio 1.5 API Gateway with Gloo

Gloo is an API Gateway built on Envoy Proxy that highly complements a service mesh like Istio with edge capabilities like transformations, OIDC authentication, OPA authorization, Web Application Firewalling (WAF), and others. A lot of our customers combine the two to replace legacy API Management vendors. I’ve written quite a bit about the overlap […]

Christian Posta | April 10, 2020
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Kubernetes Ingress Past, Present, and Future

This post was inspired by listening to February 19, 2019, Kubernetes Podcast, “Ingress, with Tim Hockin.” The Kubernetes Podcast is turning out to be a very well done podcast overall, and well worth the listen. In the Ingress episode, the podcasters interview Tim Hockin who’s one of the original Kubernetes co-founders, a team lead on the Kubernetes […] Engineering | May 6, 2019
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Building a Control Plane for Envoy

Written by Idit Levine, Yuval Kohavi & Erel Levine In this series of blogs, we will share our experience of building Gloo, a multi-purpose control plane for the Envoy proxy. The first blog in the series will focus on Envoy design, and the technical architecture decisions we needed to make while building the first layer […]

Idit Levine | March 4, 2019
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