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Get to Know at DockerCon 19

DockerCon is coming up on April 29th and the team is headed to San Francisco to talk about APIs, Service Mesh, Kubernetes and Containers. Last year, our founder and CEO, Idit Levine was featured in the cool hack closing keynote and since then our team has been busy shipping lots of new features and launching our […] | April 15, 2019
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UniK: Build and Run Unikernels with Ease

Unikernels are lightweight, immutable operating systems compiled specifically to run a single application. Unikernel compilation combines source code with the specific device drivers and operating system libraries necessary to support the needs of the application. The result is a machine image that can run directly on a hypervisor or bare metal, eliminating the need for […]

Idit Levine | March 5, 2018
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