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Get to Know Service Mesh – Understand Your Options and How to Choose

The cloud-native ecosystem took the IT world by storm with containers and Kubernetes and have created new categories of technology designed to address the new challenges created when applications evolve from a static monolithic architecture to a Hoot is a live video series hosted roughly every two weeks where engineers unbox various cloud-native technologies, dig […]

Betty Junod | February 20, 2020
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Using Consul to configure API Gateway with Envoy

API Gateways are a popular solution for managing access to cloud backends, but are typically restricted in the environments they support. Modern solutions for ingress and API Gateway tend to rely on Kubernetes or a specific cloud provider to work properly. This article dives into Gloo, a modern API Gateway based on Envoy which can […]

Scott Weiss | August 30, 2019
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Running Envoy API Gateways on Kubernetes or Consul or both

The cloud-native community has converged on Envoy Proxy as a de-facto data plane proxy for application (L7) networking. You will find Envoy running as the data plane for many different service-mesh implementations as well as ingress and decentralized API Gateway solutions. One of the biggest reasons why Envoy is so well adopted these days is […]

Christian Posta | August 16, 2019
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