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Online Meetup #6 – WebAssembly – July 14, 2020

Our summer online meetup focused on WebAssembly and to check in on what kind of filters the community has been building with WebAssembly for Envoy Proxy. WebAssembly (wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable target for compilation of high-level languages like C/C++/Rust, enabling deployment on […] | July 16, 2020
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Get to Know Service Mesh – Understand Your Options and How to Choose

The cloud-native ecosystem took the IT world by storm with containers and Kubernetes and have created new categories of technology designed to address the new challenges created when applications evolve from a static monolithic architecture to a Hoot is a live video series hosted roughly every two weeks where engineers unbox various cloud-native technologies, dig […] | February 20, 2020
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Running Envoy API Gateways on Kubernetes or Consul or both

The cloud-native community has converged on Envoy Proxy as a de-facto data plane proxy for application (L7) networking. You will find Envoy running as the data plane for many different service-mesh implementations as well as ingress and decentralized API Gateway solutions. One of the biggest reasons why Envoy is so well adopted these days is […]

Christian Posta | August 16, 2019
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