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5 minutes with Gloo — Upstream Groups

If you’re familiar with Gloo, you might be aware that Gloo already supports splitting traffic into multiple destinations, which is especially useful for Canary Deployments and A/B tests, and that’s great! If you’re new to Gloo, I recommend this post on the Anatomy of a Virtual Service. In this latest release of Gloo (v0.13.7), we added […] Engineering | March 29, 2019
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5 minutes with Gloo — The Anatomy of a VirtualService

In this installment of 5 minutes with Gloo, I’ll introduce you to the concept of a VirtualService. Understanding what a Gloo VirtualService is, and its role in traffic management, is crucial to making proper use of Gloo, the Next-Gen API Gateway. What is a Virtual Service? The VirtualService contains information to respond to three questions mainly: […] Engineering | March 21, 2019
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5 minutes with Gloo — OIDC

Configuring Gloo and Envoy to use OIDC (OpenID Connect) In this series of Blogs titled ‘5 minutes with Gloo’, we’ll introduce some of the Gloo and Gloo Enterprise functionality in a summarized form. It should only take you 5 minutes to understand the feature we’re presenting, and if you’re willing to try it yourself, it […] Engineering | March 15, 2019
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