SoloCon Returns! Join us March 8-10

SoloCon 2022

The team is excited to announce our second annual user conference, SoloCon 2022, set for March 8-10! This year’s SoloCon is a global, virtual event connecting industry experts, technical leaders, and customers in order to share best practices for adopting, applying, and using API gateway, service mesh, and cloud native technologies. Featuring keynote speakers, technical sessions, hands-on training, networking, and more, this year’s free event also includes customized agendas for different regional time zones with curated experiences for the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.  

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SoloCon 2022 will kick off following a momentous year at With 15 product releases over the past year, we’ve released hundreds of enhancements across our Gloo Mesh, Gloo Edge, and Gloo Portal product offerings. We’ve also recently launched the BumbleBee Project, an open-source project that simplifies the development, packaging, and sharing of eBPF tools, and also hosted 75+ training events, including hands-on workshops covering Istio education and certification, Kubernetes API gateways, and developer collaboration, all with more than 7,400 registered participants. We’re excited to share more information about all this with our participants at this year’s event.

“There’s been a great deal of industry and community innovation surrounding eBPF, GraphQL, and Istio. SoloCon captures it all with advice, tricks, and lessons that will help enterprises adopt, manage, and use forward-looking technologies, such as service mesh, that deliver tangible value to end users,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO, “SoloCon is back by popular demand — and we’re upping the ante with new, live instructor-led workshops, sessions broadcast in three different time zone regions, new in-depth Istio workshops, a new Istio expert certification, an eBPF certification and much more. We look forward to lively discussions and discoveries during the event!”

More than just sessions

SoloCon is’s one-stop shop for participants to get the latest updates and insights about technologies including service mesh, eBPF, GraphQL, WebAssembly (Wasm), Envoy Proxy, Istio, and more in over 35 sessions, keynotes, roadmaps, and lightning talks. You’ll find three topic tracks focused on “community and open source,” “service mesh and application networking,” and “API gateway and edge technologies.” We’re also offering a day of hands-on, developer-focused workshops. Here’s more information about what you’ll find:

  • Keynotes: Learn from industry-recognized leaders including Idit Levine, Christian Posta, Lin Sun, and Neeraj Poddar on “The Future of Service Mesh,” “Scaling Gloo Mesh in Production for Performance and Reliability,” and more
  • End-user and guest sessions: Hear from customers and real-life end users about how they’re building and using these technologies
  • Product roadmap sessions: Get a first-hand look at what’s next with products such as Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge
  • General sessions: Attend introductory- to intermediate-level talks covering service mesh, eBPF, GraphQL, Wasm, Envoy Proxy, Istio, and more
  • Lightning talks: Skill up on more specific trends and features in 15-minute bites
  • Expo hall: Visit booths and attend demos on specific topics, products, and offerings including Solo Academy, our new learning platform where you can get Istio certified through live or on-demand coursework
  • Workshops: Participate in four new, live instructor-led workshops, attend two new in-depth Istio workshops, and earn a new Istio expert certification

Get a sneak peek at the schedule

With over 35 sessions to choose from, you’ll find the info you need. Plus, this year we’re broadcasting sessions in three different time zone regions, so you can hop on and catch the sessions you want when it’s a good time. Whether you’re in the Americas, APAC, or EMEA, here are a few sessions we think you might like:

The Future of Service Mesh (Idit Levine, Christian Posta)
Service mesh implementation and usage continues to gain momentum, but where is the technology headed? With new developments related to Wasm, eBPF, GraphQL, and more playing an increasingly important role in how service mesh works and what it can provide for teams and users, it’s important to understand what evolution in the space means for you. In this session, find out how service mesh is growing, and how it’s helping companies deliver greater value to their end users.

eBPF & Gloo Mesh – What’s New (Lawrence Gadban)
eBPF has exploded in popularity recently, and for good reason, as this quickly maturing Linux technology has unlocked tons of potential in just about every aspect of Linux computing. When looking at eBPF from the lens of the service mesh, it is clear that eBPF can have a major impact given the core tenets of connectivity, observability, and security. In this session we will explore the possibilities of eBPF and service mesh as well as how Gloo Mesh is in a unique position to provide users with a battle-tested service mesh deployment that can be extended and augmented with the burgeoning power of eBPF.

Secure Gateway & GraphQL Server: Choose Two, Deploy One (Kevin Dorosh and Adam Sayah)
Numerous production environments already leverage Envoy as an edge or mesh proxy, and expose services behind Envoy via a separate GraphQL server. To avoid an extra network hop and enable route-level customizations to your Graph, we’ve written a GraphQL server into Envoy. This uniquely enables users to combine full edge and mesh capabilities at the GraphQL resolver level, such as rate limiting, authn/z, and DLP. We will explore the Envoy filter chain and how existing filters interact with GraphQL using a live demo to illustrate these ideas.

Scaling Gloo Mesh in Production for Performance and Reliability (Neeraj Poddar)
Scaling a single service mesh is hard! Now when you add to it the complexity of a unified mesh deployed across clusters running on different clouds/on-premises all driven by a single management plane that provides a single pane of glass for visibility and configuration management, the challenge can be daunting. In this session, we will explore how Gloo Mesh was architected to handle scaling of this magnitude while meeting the performance and high availability expectations of your complex environment. We will share improvements made in API v2 and primitives available to you to scale Gloo Mesh securely in production.

Istio Day 2 Operations (Ram Vennam and Nick Nellis)
In this session, two Field Engineers who work with production Istio users everyday, share what they learned in the field with a focus on running it at scale. Istio is powerful, but managing it in a large environment with HA and stringent security requirements poses some challenges. Some of the topics that we will cover in this session include:

  • No downtime Istio lifecycle management in production
  • Establish security and configuration boundaries
  • Leveraging existing observability systems to monitor health
  • Debugging tools when things aren’t working as expected

See you in March! 

We are looking forward to a great week and look forward to seeing you at SoloCon 2022. Register here.