Simplify Serverless with Gloo

Seamlessly Connect Microsoft Azure Functions to your Application

With native support for .NET workloads, and with the considerable suite of services provided by Microsoft’s cloud, Azure Functions are quickly becoming one of the hottest serverless offerings available on public cloud.

Today we at Solo are thrilled to announce support for Azure Functions in Gloo, our next-generation gateway. We’ve just added two new exciting features to Gloo:

  • Invoke Azure functions with Gloo.
    Gloo abstracts the Azure API and authentication handshake from the invocation process. Clients don’t even know they’re running Azure functions!
  • Azure Function Discovery.
    Gloo automatically discovers available functions for each Azure Function App and collects the information required for routing. Just plug in your Azure credentials, and Gloo will handle the rest.

Gloo now supports Azure, Google Functions, and AWS Lambda, providing the capacity to build hybrid-cloud serverless apps, leveraging the best features of each cloud and effortlessly migrating functions between clouds. This is done by simply modifying Gloo’s configuration, without the need to change a single line of code.

Check out a quick hybrid-cloud serverless demo using Gloo here:

We encourage you to visit our GitHub repo and start Glooing today! And don’t forget to leave us a star and a tweet!