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Exit Icon | October 10, 2020

Recap – KubeCon EU Virtual 2020

It was just a couple of months ago where KubeCon EU went 100% virtual! While this year’s conference experience is different the value of the conference with all the great […] | October 07, 2020

Webinar Recap – Can You Replace API Management with Service Mesh?

This webinar was long in the making as we looked at answering the #1 most frequently asked question: Can I replace my Edge/API Gateway or API management solution with a […]

Denis Jannot | October 06, 2020

Cross-cluster service communication with service mesh

In this blog series, we will dig into specific challenge areas for multi-cluster Kubernetes and service mesh architecture, considerations and approaches in solving them. The previous blog post covered Identity Federation for Multi-Cluster […]

Jim Barton | October 05, 2020

[Tutorial] External Authorization of Service Requests in Istio Service Mesh

Istio is an open source and platform-independent service mesh that provides functionality for traffic management, policy enforcement and telemetry collection in Kubernetes application environments. As a service mesh, Istio solves the service-to-service communication […] | October 02, 2020

Upcoming Events for October 2020

As we head into autumn here at our HQ, we’ve updated the events calendar with lots of talks at virtual conferences and meetups — we are excited to meet you […] Engineering | October 01, 2020

New Gloo 1.5 with improvements to multi-cluster failover, traffic control, AWS Lambda, external Auth, and dev-to-ops experience

Today we released Gloo 1.5, the latest release of our Envoy Proxy based API Gateway. We’ve been working closely with our enterprise and open source customers to deliver new features, […] Engineering | October 01, 2020

Updated Developer Portal for Gloo and Istio version 0.4.11

Today, alongside our Gloo 1.5 announcement, we are also releasing the latest enhancements to the Developer Portal for Gloo and Istio. The Gloo Developer Portal was introduced back in April […] | September 30, 2020

CREALOGIX and partner to deliver a secure digital banking platform for the cloud

It takes strong technology and partners to modernize a long-standing digital banking platform to the cloud. CREALOGIX and partner up to enable banking customers to benefit from secure online […] Engineering | September 25, 2020

The State of WebAssembly in Envoy Proxy

Written by Christian Posta, Global Field CTO and Yuval Kohavi, Chief Architect. At, we are very excited about Web Assembly as a way to extend an Envoy-based data plane […]

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