New Gloo Gateway Enterprise v0.14.0

Gloo Gateway is a next generation API Gateway built on top of Envoy Proxy. Gloo Gateway Enterprise expands upon the open source gateway to provide added security, policy control and a management UI for easy operations. All of the latest open source features are automatically included in Gloo Gateway Enterprise.

A highlight of this release is the support for authn with jwt and authz with Kubernetes service account RBAC. Read the docs for more info.

New features and fixes in this release include:

  • Support multiple providers for JWT
  • Support setting claims as headers
  • Add config service to grpc service.
  • Add gRPC service for artifacts and secrets
  • Use apps/v1 api group for deployments

Try Gloo Gateway Enterprise free for 30 days with a non-disruptive upgrade from the open source gateway.

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