New Gloo Edge To Ring In The New Year

Gloo Edge 1.6 is here to start the new year and it includes over 50 enhancements that you, our customers and community, have requested. In addition, there is a new version of the Gloo Portal which allows users to catalog, manage and securely publish APIs. Together with last month’s release of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, gives both operations and developers a full API management, ingress, and service mesh platform for the cloud native world. 

Below are some of the new features in Gloo Edge v1.6:

  • A/B Testing with Flagger – Flagger, originally from Weave, has become a popular Gitops tool and now it is possible to use Gloo Edge to do A/B testing in Flagger. 
  • OIDC Authentication Improvements – In 1.6 you can now easily refresh tokens and utilize Redis session stores. We’ve also improved the logout experience. 
  • Support for Complex Boolean Logic in Authentication – Gloo Edge now supports complex boolean logic for external authentication providers. 
  • Client Side Redis Sharding – We Added Helm values for deploying client-side redis sharding for rate-limit to scale the redis replicas backing the ratelimit service 
  • Upstream Wasm – Support for Wasm is now upstream in Envoy and Gloo Edge is no longer using a fork. 

We have also made a number of upstream contributions to Envoy, Flagger and other open source projects. A full list of enhancements can be found in the Open Source and Enterprise change-logs.  

These are the new major features included in Gloo Portal v0.5:

  • API Versioning – The API Product resource has been updated to support versions as first-class citizens. Using the new versions attribute, users can easily maintain several versions of the same API. The new Environment resource and updates to the Portal allow users to control which versions of an API will be exposed on the gateway and published in each portal web application.
  • API Search – Portal UI users can now search specific API Products they have access to by keywords contained in the name or the description, by custom tags that can be applied to individual API Product versions, and additionally by the Environments that an API Product version is included in.
  • Multiple APIs on the same domain – Multiple APIProducts can now be published under the same domain by including them in the same Environment resource.
  • Environment-specific usage plans – the same API can be exposed with different Usage Plans (authN/Z and rate limits) in different Environments (domains).
  • HTTPS Portals – Updated the Portal resource so users can add TLS configuration to serve portal web applications via HTTPS.

For feature and bug fixes in the Gloo Portal see the change-log here

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