Gloo Cloud – Fully Managed Istio Service Mesh

Idit Levine
| March 24, 2021

In recent years, Istio has emerged as the dominant service mesh solution due to its powerful features, maturity, and vibrant community. However, installing, upgrading, and operating Istio can be error-prone, time-consuming and burdensome.

Two years ago, Solo announced Gloo Mesh, a service mesh management plane. Our vision was to build a suit of tools that simplifies service mesh adoption and day-two operations for any environment, from single cluster to multi-cluster and multi-cloud. With the help of our customers and our community we built Gloo Mesh to provide Istio users with a powerful, user-friendly platform that makes it easy to manage, configure and operate Istio, and that supports scalability, observability, and security. 

While Gloo Mesh goes a long way to simplify Istio installation and management, we ask ourselves if there is more we can do to help you adopt Istio and benefit from its powerful functionalities. After discussing this with many of Solo’s community members, and with the rising popularity of cloud delivery models, the path was clear: we can simply take over many of the chores involved in installing and maintaining Istio, put the responsibilities of making the right configuration choices and optimization decisions in the hands of the Istio experts at Solo, and let you focus on building your products and and your APIs.

Today, I am very excited to announce Gloo Cloud, the first Istio Service Mesh as a Service, to connect your microservices application on any cloud, hybrid or on-prem. Gloo cloud helps you get the full benefits of Istio, empowered and extended by Gloo Mesh, without the need to manage it yourself. Employing Istio as a service will accelerate your adoption of Istio, increase your velocity, help you avoid on-boarding mistakes by relying on our experience and expertise, and can minimize your need for dedicated personnel.

Key capabilities include:

Fully Managed Service Mesh. Let the experts at provide all the lifecycle management of Istio – installing, upgrading, and operating – while you focus on managing the service connectivity for your APIs. Discover, connect, secure, observe, and federate your service traffic across clusters, data centers, and clouds through a single pane of glass.

Push-Button Deployment. Once you register with Gloo Cloud, will provision your environment, including fully-managed instances of Istio and Gloo Mesh. You will then receive all the credentials required to register your clusters to Gloo Cloud. As your clusters are registered, Gloo Cloud will discover your services and inject sidecars into your workloads, allowing you to begin shaping traffic and applying policies immediately.

Consistent, Unified Operations. With unified dashboards for traffic management, security, and observability you can manage service-to-service and edge communications within distributed applications.

Comprehensive Security. Encrypt traffic and enable FIPS-compliant zero trust networking across clusters and meshes. Protect your services and data with powerful policy, transparent mTLS encryption, and authentication, authorization and audit (AAA) tools.

Multi-Cloud Flexibility. From your first cluster to scaling across clouds, deliver consistent configuration and policies to ensure security, compliance, and to streamline operations

Gloo Cloud is available for early access today and will open up for public access later this year. 

To learn more about Gloo Cloud, please visit, read the press release, or watch the Gloo Cloud Announcement during the Gloo Mesh Roadmap session at SoloCon 2021

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