Engineering Release Summary for April and May 2019

It’s been a little while since we last posted a release summary and these past couple of months have been busy fixing bugs, adding new features and releasing introducing new products. Also want to thank the following people in the community for their contributions to the releases in April and May: techmunk, johscheuer, chtison, Harwayne, jonsabo, arindam-bandyopadhyay and peterj!

Check out our GitHub repo to file any issues or PRs and join our community to ask questions.

New Service Mesh Hub

Launched at KubeCon EU, Service Mesh Hub is a dashboard built on top of SuperGloo for everything and anything service mesh. You can install or discover any mesh (App Mesh, Istio, Linkerd), deploy and manage the services on them and install 3rd party extensions. Try it out and give us feedback

New Gloo Shot

Launched at KubeCon EU, Gloo Shot is a project to run Chaos Engineering experiments to stress test distributed applications. We have had 4 releases already but are only getting started so try it out and give us feedback.

SuperGloo project is now v0.3.20

Check out the changelog here to see all the fixes and new features. In the last couple of months we have added features to support the SMI spec and discovery and configuration support for Linkerd and AWS App Mesh.

Here are some highlights of SuperGloo new features:

Gloo Gateway Open Source is now v0.13.29

Here is the list of new features and fixes for the Gloo Gateway. View the changelog or submit issues and pull requests here. We made lots of improvements to our API gateway based on your feedback and comments. Also if you want to try our enterprise version, sign up here.

Gloo Gateway New Features:

Gloo Gateway Fixes:

Squash is now v0.5.15

Our microservices debugger has been featured in some recent talks at both DockerCon and KubeCon EU and we can’t wait for you to try it and send in requests and feedback. View the entire changelog here and check out the highlights below.

Squash New Features:

Squash Fixes