Don’t miss Weaveworks and D-Teck Solutions in our July 2019 Webinars

We are excited to feature two webinars in July that focus on use cases and integrations to show how technology is used in real world situations. We look forward to seeing you online.

D-TECK SOLUTIONS | July 16, 2019 | 1pm Eastern or 10 am Pacific

D-TECK assists organizations in maximizing the performance potential of their teams and individuals through the science of psychometric assessment and making that universally accessible and effective through their software platform. Their platform started out as a POC with Google Cloud Function and Google App Engine as the core cloud services and once proven, they transitioned to Google Cloud Engine, Google Cloud SQL and the Gloo Gateway.

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WEAVEWORKS FLAGGER| July 30, 2019 | 1pm Eastern or 10 am Pacific

Weaveworks Flagger

Integrations between technologies can solve problems in new and interesting ways. Our friends over at Weaveworks have integrated Flagger with Gloo, SuperGloo and the Service Mesh Hub to automate canary deployments for distributed applications. Flagger is a Kubernetes operator that automates the promotion of canary deployment giving users progressive delivery. This webinar will feature Stefan Prodan, author of Flagger, Christian Posta and demos.

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See you online!