Announcing Gloo Mesh v1.2, the industry’s most reliable and easiest way to manage an Istio service mesh is excited to announce the general availability (GA) of Gloo Mesh v1.2 which continues to deliver on our promise of building the industry’s most robust, reliable, and easy to manage Istio-based service mesh. If your idea of excitement in IT is wanting something that just works, we’ve got you covered! For architects and operators, boring is beautiful.


Reliability and usability enhancements included in Gloo Mesh v1.2:

Installation of Istio – A common but unloved task for customers has been deploying and installing the various Istio software packages to pods and clusters. We listened to your feedback and decided to “automate” this process as much as possible, so you can focus on configuration and policies, not wrestling with Istio. With this enhancement it’s easier than ever to manage deployments, patches, and upgrades. Read more about installation in the docs.

Improved documentation – Speaking of docs, we aim for a flawless “day 1” experience, so the Gloo Mesh v1.2 docs now include more detail on what’s in Gloo Mesh, best practices, and clearer organization of where to look for key topics (an information architecture if you like.) Go see our Gloo Mesh docs now.

Istio 1.11 upstream bug fixes, Kubernetes 1.22 support, and Custom Resource Definition (CRD) v1 support – Unlike many unnamed name-brand competitors that offer only old versions of Istio, we pride ourselves on keeping current AND giving you N-4 version support so you can upgrade as soon or as late as you like. We also make sure that Istio runs right, and contribute significant bug fixes back upstream so everyone benefits. As a bonus, we also now enable you to use CRDs to define and customize your environments to meet your specific needs.

User interface (UI) and graph improvements – Sometimes you want to manage from the CLI, sometimes having a visual user interface helps you better understand your environment. We’ve made it easier than ever to visualize, control, and troubleshoot your service mesh connections, performance, and issues with a number of UI and Graph enhancements. These include better text alignment on the overview and Meshes tabs that make the output easier to read, and both functional and cosmetic improvements to graphs and charts.

Gloo Mesh admin dashboard

More safeguards in our development processes – Quality is job one, and we want to ensure you have the best possible experience and high confidence every time you upgrade to the latest version of Gloo Mesh. So we’ve made scale-testing, soaking, and CVE scanning a standard part of our development process and won’t ship any new code until it’s been rigorously proven in our lab. Have questions? Reach out to our PM and engineering team on Slack.

And enhancements to East-West rate limiting and external authentication integration.

Try Gloo Mesh v1.2 today!