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Blog Api Gateway Service Mesh
Christian Posta,   | March 22, 2023

Is 2023 the year of convergence of API gateway and service mesh?

We have been talking about the differences and similarities between API gateway and service mesh for the past few years. As we continue to work with more and more customers […]

Blog Traffic Ambient Mesh 3
Peter Jausovec,   | March 21, 2023

Traffic in ambient mesh: Ztunnel, eBPF configuration, and waypoint proxies

In previous posts, I explained the role of Istio CNI and went into the details of how Istio CNI configures the iptables rules and interfaces on the cluster nodes.  In […]

Blog Compliance Zero Trust Ambient Mesh
Christian Posta,   | March 20, 2023

Compliance and zero trust with Istio ambient mesh

Security breaches of financial and customer data necessitate a deeper conversation about how we think about trust. Historically, a big part of how trust has been created is through the […]

Blog Traffic Ambient Mesh Part 2
Peter Jausovec,   | March 17, 2023

Traffic in ambient mesh: Redirection using iptables and GENEVE tunnels

In my previous post, I explained the role of Istio CNI and mentioned the two redirection mechanisms Istio CNI plugin supports for redirecting traffic in the ambient mesh. In this […]

Blog Cloud Migration Service Mesh
Jim Barton,   | March 16, 2023

Cloud migration meets its mesh: A step-by-step getting started guide

At Solo.io, we enjoy working with enterprises at various stages of their cloud journey. As a tech startup, in the early days we often collaborated with early adopters in the […]

Blog Api Gateways Ebook
Meghan Prichard | March 13, 2023

API gateways for next-generation cloud applications

API gateways have become a critical component of cloud-based microservices architecture, allowing organizations to improve their digital capabilities and deliver innovative solutions by automating many API call operations.  In our […]

Blog Traffic Ambient Mesh
Peter Jausovec,   | March 10, 2023

Traffic in ambient mesh: Istio CNI and node configuration

Istio ambient mesh is a new, open source data plane deployment model that doesn’t use sidecar proxies. Instead, it uses a per-node component called ztunnel for mTLS, identity, and L4 […]

Blog Api Gateways Power
Meghan Prichard,   | March 06, 2023

How to make your API gateway easier, faster, and more cost effective

A significant majority of web traffic is now made up of API calls – how is your company evolving to accommodate this shift?  API gateways streamline these calls between microservices […]

Header Events 2023
Meghan Prichard,   | March 01, 2023

Top API and service mesh events to attend in 2023

This post is regularly updated with new events. The last update was on March 1, 2023.  There are more exciting events than ever in the API and service mesh space. […]