Best Practices for Service Connectivity at Scale for Amazon EKS

Connecting Applications through VPC Networking and Istio Service Mesh

Building highly scalable, resilient, globally distributed tier-one applications or sets of applications is often the goal of some of the largest organizations in the world. Containers and tools like EKS help provide infrastructure to which to deploy applications, but how do these services communicate with each other or the outside world?

What happens when service latencies spike, infrastructure or network outages occur, or other connectivity anomalies arise? Using AWS primitives like accounts, VPCs, VPC Lattice, transit gateways and others, organizations can lay the foundation for secure connectivity. However, to further enhance compliance and regulatory adherence, organizations may find it necessary to implement more advanced application-layer features. The addition of a service mesh technology, such as Istio, can support the following for enterprise EKS environments:

  • Service-to-service workload identity
  • Authentication/authorization
  • Tracing, metrics collection
  • Auditing and zonal/regional failover

Watch this on demand webinar, as Solo.io Global Field CTO, Christian Posta, and AWS Senior Container Specialist, Frank Carta, look at a reference architecture following AWS best practices (proven at massive scale) to lay foundational networking connectivity and layer in powerful, programmable application networking with Istio and Solo.io to solve security, observability and application resiliency issues.

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