Food Services

Elevating Connectivity and Seamless Operations, Gloo Mesh and Gloo Gateway Empower Technical Innovation for a Unified and Efficient Network

Enterprise gateway and ITOps teams use Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh, because they are built to work with Kubernetes and the dynamic nature of the clusters running your cloud-native applications. No centralized database, no more hair-pinning and scales with your application.

Committed to innovation and customer convenience, a UK food services brand is transitioning from a monolithic to a microservices environment. Partnering with, they selected Gloo Gateway for legacy service migration and Gloo Mesh for smooth traffic switching. This modernization, supported by Microsoft Azure, Akamai, and Terraform, ensures an agile, resilient, and customer-centric approach.’s responsive support and unified platform align with this company’s vision for a future-proof, cloud-native solution.

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Food Services CASE STUDY