The New Stack – Secure Your Service Mesh: A 13-Item Checklist

Solo customers always rank security as one of the top criteria for evaluating solutions. When you need to decide whether to go with open-source Istio, Gloo Mesh Enterprise, or another offering, use our service mesh security checklist to help you make the smart choice. This article originally appeared on The New Stack.

The New Stack - Secure your service mesh

“Organizations worldwide are rushing to modernize their applications to run in Kubernetes-orchestrated containers in the cloud. During this modernization, these companies must plan to secure their application connections. When an application is replatformed and rearchitected into distributed microservices, new connectivity patterns emerge, and these patterns usually prompt the building of one or more service meshes.”

“A robust service mesh can handle both north-south connections (ingress to Kubernetes-based applications from the edge) and east-west connections (between services on the same cluster or between different clusters.) However, each of these traffic patterns needs comprehensive security.”

“The best way to approach service mesh security is to adopt a zero-trust model, which means that every connection, no matter its origin, must be validated and secured. To help you evaluate service mesh technologies and implement zero-trust security, we present our 13 must-have features to keep your application connections safe.”

To see our service mesh security checklist, read the full article on The New Stack.