Joins the GraphQL Foundation

We are excited to announce that is now part of the GraphQL Foundation! We’re looking forward to helping build and contribute to this great community through the Foundation.

Becoming members of the GraphQL Foundation—and the GraphQL Working Group—allows us to contribute broader insights around application networking use cases with GraphQL in addition to our specific experience in providing GraphQL as a native component of Envoy Proxy. We look forward to collaborating with other foundation members to continue the amazing momentum of GraphQL and represent the needs of our customers and user community.



In case you missed it, we announced General Availability of GraphQL with the Gloo Edge 1.11 release back in April 2022. Our momentum around GraphQL continues to build with the upcoming Gloo Edge 1.12 and Gloo Mesh 2.1 releases. Schema stitching will move to general availability, we’ve added support for integrating with existing GraphQL APIs via remote executors, and our teams have done some amazing work in Gloo Mesh to support GraphQL in north-south and east-west traffic patterns. We’ll share all the details in the announcements for each of these upcoming releases. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our GraphQL support in Gloo, check out my upcoming GraphQL webinar in July!

Here are a few more resources on GraphQL:

  • Check out our upcoming workshops, including our live, instructor-led GraphQL workshop, Using Envoy Proxy as a GraphQL Engine Workshop in timezones for the Americas, APAC, and EMEA
  • What is GraphQL? Learn more about this query language and how is bringing GraphQL to Istio and Envoy Proxy with Gloo GraphQL
  • Jump right in with Gloo GraphQL by requesting a trial and getting hands on immediately to build your own GraphQL APIs
  • Review our sessions at SoloCon2022 to get the full background and details on GraphQL support in Gloo Edge
  • Check out the docs!