Online Meetup #6 – WebAssembly – July 14, 2020

Our summer online meetup focused on WebAssembly and to check in on what kind of filters the community has been building with WebAssembly for Envoy Proxy. WebAssembly (wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable target for compilation of high-level languages like C/C++/Rust, enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications. The promise of wasm is to change how technologies like Envoy can be extended in a way that’s more portable, secure, and language agnostic without sacrificing on performance. This opens up the Envoy ecosystem and community to beyond C++ developers.

Recently, the Envoy Proxy community has been working to stabilize support for WebAssembly in Envoy and we released an update to WebAssembly Hub and our wasme CLI to streamline the developer experience. The work is still in development in the envoy-wasm project with the goal of eventually merging into the upstream Envoy project. 

This meeting included the following:

  • WebAssembly Overview
  • Demos by Guest Speakers
  • Community Q&A
  • Roadmap Discussion

Our Guest Speakers included Blake Covarrubias, Senior Product Manager from HashiCorp and Bryant Hagadorn, Security Engineer from IBM.  Blake’s security filter is modeled after the NGINX Secure Link behavior and Bryant’s Kronos filter also focuses on security, modeled after HelmetJS (and check out his blog here).

Catch up on the discussion by watching the recorded meetup and download the slides below. Check out these links to learn more about WebAssembly and get involved:

Watch the talk 

Download the slides