Online Meetup #5  – Featuring Frasca International

Last week at our first online meetup of the year, we featured and end user talk from Kevin DeLorey (Software Architect) and Brian Vandre (Lead Software Engineer) from Frasca Interntational, Inc. on how they are using Kubernetes, Gloo, Linkerd and more to bring flight simulation to the cloud.

For more than 60 years Frasca International, Inc. has been building flight simulations of all levels for companies and flight schools all over the world. To combat the ongoing pilot shortage, Frasca’s current goal is to make flight training more accessible to instructors and students by modernizing our tech stack, leverage cloud-native practices and merge that with their on-prem desktop software delivery for flight simulation.

Thanks to Kevin and Brian for taking the time to present at the meetup, share some really cool pictures of the different types of flight simulation products they have and how they are bridging cloud and desktop for software delivery.

Additionally, more information was provided around the latest security patches to Gloo that incorporate fixes to address four CVEs in Envoy Proxy.

Watch the replay:

Download the meetup slides here:


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