Hoot Series – Networking from the Edge: Proxies, Ingress and API Gateways

The modernization to microservices architecture, Kubernetes and cloud-native platforms have changed both how we need to handle application networking and the tools we need to solve these new challenges. The concept of an API gateway is not new as they have been a component of API Management for decades, however the move to distributed systems is creating a bit of an identity crisis for API gateways. Combined with the ever expanding ecosystem of service mesh, Kubernetes and proxy technology, it can be difficult to wade through all the information to understand how to match the right solution to your needs. 

In our previous “Get to Know Service Mesh” series, we looked at how service mesh technology solves some of these problems. In this series, we explore proxies, ingress, API gateways, and how they solve challenges at the edge and how they complement a service mesh to provide a holistic solution.

In this series “Networking at the Edge – Proxies, Ingress and API Gateways” we look at the terminology and technologies used to facilitate and manage incoming traffic from external clients and end users into your backend application services. We will look at ingress solutions like NGINX, HA Proxy, and Envoy Proxy as well as API Gateways such as Kong, Ambassador, Gloo and more.

Watch the video playlist here:

We hope you find the video series informative. If you have questions or have a request, DM us in slack or Twitter. We’ve also compiled this article which includes definitions of key terms and links to more resources.


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