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Cybersecurity has been top of mind lately, as much as it’s been in the news. In a pair of byline articles, we looked at the implications of the recent presidential order in the context of cloud, microservices, Kubernetes, API gateways, and service meshes. Check out these thoughts and read the full articles linked below!


Container Journal

“We can protect our nation’s infrastructure, but no one group can do it alone. If experts from government, private and public companies, as well as white hat enthusiasts join together, we’ll all be safer. Collaboration yields innovation— and in the security realm, the resulting solutions will benefit us all.” – excerpted from Cybersecurity and Cloud-Native Application Connectivity in the Container Journal.


“An API gateway is the first point of “ingress” contact for zero-trust architecture, receiving, screening, and routing incoming application requests to the appropriate applications. For a service mesh, it doesn’t matter if the underlying applications are running as microservices on Kubernetes-orchestrated containers, on VMs, on cloud compute instances, or on legacy monoliths on bare metal servers, all security policies should be centrally administered and consistently and automatically enforced.” – excerpt from How to implement cybersecurity for modern application connectivity on HelpNetSecurity.

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear how, Envoy Proxy, and Istio are part of your security posture.