Accelerating Cilium Adoption with Gloo Network for Cilium

Today Gloo Network for Cilium is generally available, making this enterprise-grade network management solution fueled by eBPF easier than ever for enterprises to adopt. Gloo Network for Cilium offers advanced observability and insights for streamlined integration across hybrid cloud environments.

Overcoming Cilium Challenges

Cilium plays a pivotal role in reshaping the future of cloud-native networking, but deploying it upstream is complex. With Gloo Network for Cilium, organizations can maximize their cloud networking potential and gain access to’s renowned support team.

Gloo Network for Cilium combines best-in-class networking, scalability, and observability tools to create an integrated solution that streamlines Cilium’s onboarding, integration, and monitoring. Gloo Network for Cilium also seamlessly integrates with Gloo Mesh Core making it ideal for organizations transitioning to service mesh.

Key Benefits of Gloo Network for Cilium

  • Ease of use and reduced complexity: Simplifies the adoption of upstream Cilium and reduces network setup, management time, and resources.
  • Enhanced performance: Improves performance and observability in cloud-native infrastructures with eBPF technology.
  • Intelligent insights: Enhances service quality and customer satisfaction, reduces downtime, and boosts reliability with automated insights based on’s expertise.
  • Operational efficiency and cost savings: Speeds up issue resolutions, reduces downtime, delivers cost savings, and increases resilience with enhanced network management tools and insights.
  • Risk mitigation: Protects sensitive data and ensures compliance with effective network monitoring and advanced security features.
  • Scalability and future-proofing: Facilitates growth and ensures network infrastructure meets evolving business demands with scalable network architectures.

Get Started

We’re committed to driving the advancement of cloud-native application networking technologies within the CNCF community. As Cilium gains recognition for the value it brings to organizations, is dedicated to translating these benefits into tangible advantages for customers.

Experience enhanced observability, reduced complexity, and unparalleled insights for your enterprise’s cloud-native networking. Explore the transformative capabilities of Gloo Network for Cilium here.