Hybrid Applications

Modernize to Microservices and Serverless alongside your Legacy Applications

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid application architecture is the ability to build new applications by augmenting existing business critical applications with new functionality instead of waiting for a complete rewrite of the application. Continuously improving the customer experience requires a steady state of innovation to new and existing applications. 

Hybrid application architecture provides the flexibility to modernize at any pace using the best technology available to the developer without disrupting the existing application’s operation.  


Modernizing legacy monolithic applications are challenging time consuming and expensive. Existing approaches present inflexible options that leave IT teams with a difficult task of trying to balance supporting the existing business while delivering new value to customers. 

  • Complete rewrites of legacy applications are expensive and time consuming
  • Abandoning legacy applications for new green-field application development is not realistic


Take back control of your IT transformation with Gloo Edge, a modern API gateway to extend the value of your existing IT investments while allowing you to integrate new technologies at the the pace of your business, without disruption.

  • Connect legacy monoliths, microservies and serverless functions together into a hybrid application
  • Add new features as microservices and serverless to existing applications

Gloo Edge

Gloo Edge is a next generation API Gateway, built on Envoy Proxy designed to help you connect, secure and control traffic to any application workload.


Connect any application workload including legacy monoliths, microservices and serverless functions.


Safely deploy new application services alongside existing legacy applications and ensure a smooth transition for your customers.


Shape and manage application traffic across your hybrid application portfolio for a seamless customer experience with end to end observability for your operations team.

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