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12/14/21 | emea

Istio Service Mesh in Action with Gloo Mesh

In this hands-on workshop we will explore different service mesh deployment patterns, multi-cluster topologies, and how Gloo Mesh can address the configuration and operations needs for these environments.

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12/15/21 | apac

Deploy Istio for Production Workshop with Certification Option (AU/NZ Workshop)

In this workshop, we dive into Istio foundations with a focus on understanding how it all works and how to roll it out to your organization. Istio is a powerful tool, but learning how to deploy it, configure it, debug it, and secure it has many challenges. This is not an entry level workshop to learn about Istio. This workshop includes a certification option. This credential, by, certifies that recipients possess the essential skills to deploy Istio, configure it, debug it, secure it and operationalize it for their organization.

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12/07/21 | apac

Get Started with Istio with Certification Option (US Workshop)

This workshop explains how to get started with Istio and explore various functions Istio provides to your organization. This workshop will cover the following topics: how to install Istio, secure services, add services to the Mesh, secure interservices communication, and control traffic. A "Foundation for Istio" certification option is included.

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