Vonage Modernizes Customer API Experience with Gloo Edge

Vonage (Nasdaq: VG) is a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Vonage offers a unique combination of unified communications, contact center and communications APIs – all on a unified, flexible integrated platform. The Vonage API Platform offers custom, embedded programmable communications capabilities via APIs that enable applications and businesses to easily connect with customers via the channels they prefer – SMS, voice, chat, messaging and video. Over the past 20 years Vonage has grown with new products, services and acquisitions and that presented new challenges and opportunities to the team.


After 20 years of growth, the Vonage team looked at their diverse portfolio of APIs and wanted to provide a consistent developer experience in using those APIs regardless of whether they were new, legacy, developed in-house, or from a merger or acquisition.

This effort included a need to standardize both the external and internal side of consuming and managing the APIs.


The Vonage team decided to achieve this by adding an API gateway to their environment and also started modernizing their infrastructure to the cloud and Kubernetes.

They took an evolutionary approach that started with upstream Envoy Proxy and self-hosted Kubernetes and then migrated to Gloo Edge as their API Gateway and Amazon EKS to leverage the built-in functionality of those solutions. This allowed the Vonage team to focus on their specific business logic versus maintaining open source packages.

The Vonage team selected Gloo Edge as their API gateway based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to easily integrate with a variety of custom authentication services
  • Rich flexibility for routing requests based on any attribute of the request
  • Flexible rate limiting functionality
  • Ability to route to services hosted in various locations (on-premises, cloud, AWS Lambda, etc.)
  • Easy to use in an on-premises setup and able to help us in our migration to the cloud

Collaborating with the team at Solo.io has been great. They are very responsive in helping us with our Gloo environment, brainstorming ideas on how to solve our issues and even beyond Gloo Edge, and responding to the questions we’ve had on Kubernetes like load balancing and how the ecosystem of tools works together.  They are truly invested in our success.

Jonathan Lane, Senior Manager Software Engineering

Having partnered with Solo.io since Gloo 1.0, the Vonage team’s journey to cloud-native architecture has evolved across their different phases. With each phase the team has learned, adjusted and operationalized the learnings into their environment. As they settle into the latest phase, the team will be looking to expand the use of this new cloud, Kubernetes, and Gloo Edge across the company.

About the Gloo Edge API gateway

Gloo Edge is a cloud-native API gateway designed to connect, secure and control all incoming traffic from end users to the application. Built on Envoy Proxy, Gloo Edge is a lightweight and scalable control plane and provides a stepping stone to service mesh.

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