New Age Solutions Migrates to Kubernetes and Gloo Edge

New Age Solutions is a division of Axios Holding builds and operates a HRZN, a B2B iGaming platform that services five million business transactions a day. The company is modernizing their technology stack to support their future plans for growth and scale.


The platform was built roughly three years ago using Docker Swarm and Kong as an event drive microservices application. It now spans over 100 services and serves approximately five million transactions a day today.

In 2019, the team looked at the growth, the industry and community momentum around Kubernetes, and decided it was time to migrate to Kubernetes in order to accommodate their future scale. Additionally, they had to also re-evaluate their API gateway to a solution that integrated better with Kubernetes and could handle their scale.


The migration from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes started in June 2019 and went to production in December with Kong, but that posed some challenges. In January 2020, the team starting evaluating new Kubernetes native API gateways and selected Gloo Edge for its Kubernetes native architecture, routing table feature, strong community support and technology vision into areas like WebAssembly.

The new platform includes the following technologies across our seven different clusters for development, testing, staging, and two production clusters:

  • Development in JVM and Scala, NodeJs, Python
  • Amazon EC2 with kops to stand up the Kubernetes clusters
  • Gloo Edge API gateway with a custom auth server
  • Confluent for storing and processing millions events per day
  • Prometheus and Grafana dashboards for monitoring
  • ChatOps with slack and custom notifications

We chose Gloo as our API gateway for our platform migration to Kubernetes for its robust features, Kubernetes-native architecture, and technical vision with the integration of WebAssembly. The documentation and active community make it easy to get started and provide a lot of help and support for end users like us.

Ievgenii Shepeliuk, Acting CTO at New Age Solutions

Looking towards the future, our business plans to increase traffic volume by more than 5X and the investment we made to migrate to Kubernetes and Gloo provides a strong foundation for us to scale, and consider new technologies like service mesh and WebAssembly.

About Gloo API Gateway

Gloo is a cloud-native API gateway designed to connect, secure and control all incoming traffic from end users to the application. Built on Envoy Proxy, Gloo is a lightweight and scalable control plane and provides a stepping stone to service mesh.

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