Customize Envoy Proxy with WebAssembly

Simply and securely extend Envoy Proxy, Gloo API gateway and Istio service mesh with a Wasm module in the language of your choice.

Dynamically build, maintain, add or modify custom filters in any language
Store and share Wasm extensions publicly and privately with the community
Search, browse and consume Wasm Envoy extensions
Install extensions to Envoy-based systems including Envoy, Gloo and Istio

Learn more about WebAssembly at an upcoming webinar - Feb 6th

This webinar will provide an overview of WebAssembly and the benefits of using it to build custom filters for Envoy Proxy. Filled with live demos, this talk is a great primer for those who are interested in WebAssembly and will show how to build, share and deploy a custom filter.

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WebAssembly Hub provides everything you need to build, publish, discover and deploy custom extensions for Envoy Proxy, Gloo and Istio.