Enterprise Istio
with multi-cluster and multi-mesh management

Gloo Mesh builds on Istio and WebAssembly and helps with FIPS-compliant operations across multiple clusters, VMs, and other service meshes on any cloud

Introducing Gloo Mesh Enterprise

Gloo Mesh includes long term support for enterprise Istio, WebAssembly developer tooling and deployment process, and provides multi-cluster and multi-mesh observability in a single pane of glass.

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Use Cases

API Gateway

Easily integrate traffic management into (north/south) and within (east/west) your cluster. Gloo Mesh integrates with the Gloo Edge API Gateway for end to end security, encryption and traffic control of your application traffic.

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Multi Cluster

Streamline management of your mesh across different clusters in your environment and across the software delivery lifecycle. Avoid issues of potential misconfigurations and manage multiple clusters consistently with a unified dashboard.

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Get the freedom to choose any service mesh today and tomorrow on any infrastructure, and operate them together from a unified dashboard. Group disparate meshes into a single flat network and operate them as a single logical mesh.

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