January 27, 2022 - 1 PM SGT

APAC Workshop: Modern Cloud API Gateway with Envoy Proxy



Organizations going through application modernization efforts are typically adopting a microservices architecture along with supporting infrastructure like cloud and Kubernetes-orchestrated containers. The next step in these modernization efforts is to focus on the way service and API policy gets implemented and managed across these highly distributed architectures.

Traditional API management vendors like Apigee and Kong are not well suited for these architectures. Envoy Proxy has emerged as the de-facto standard in the community for solving these service-to-service and API edge problems. In this workshop we’ll see why Envoy is where the communities have converged, the innovation that’s happening, and what an API gateway built on Envoy looks like. 

Solo.io Gloo Edge is a modern API gateway built on Envoy Proxy for Kubernetes with capabilities like rate limiting, OIDC, LDAP, Web Application Firewall (WAF), request transformation and more. Gloo Edge plugs in nicely with a GitOps model (using Kubernetes Custom Resources!) and does not require any bloated operational databases. 

This workshop includes a combination of presentation, demos, and hands-on tutorials on the following concepts using Gloo Edge:

  • Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes service routing
  • Security at the edge with WAF, Auth, Encryption, and more
  • Configuring traffic policies like rate limiting
  • Developer Portal to catalog and expose APIs externally
  • Federation for multi-cluster management
  • System observability and tuning


Kasun Talwatta

Kasun Talwatta

Field Engineer, Solo.io

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