Conference Resources offers many ways to get help. From customer product support to community support to enterprise open source Istio support with designated SLAs.

  • Workshops

    Join our free workshops and hands-on trainings led by the experts at

    Sign up for one of our free workshops focused on Istio Education, Gloo Mesh, Gloo Edge and Gloo Portal. In these hands-on workshops, our team of experts will provide in-depth training and answer questions in these live workshops. Certifications are offered with our Istio Education workshops.

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  • Infographic

    13 Must-Have Features to Adopting a Zero-Trust Model

    The best way to approach service mesh security is to adopt a zero-trust model, which means that every connection, no matter its origin, must be validated and secured. To help you evaluate service mesh technologies and implement zero-trust security, we present our 13 must-have features.

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  • Blogs

    We are dedicated to providing blogs that educate, inform and solve your most pressing challenges.

    At Solo, our team is focused on providing you with content that educates and provides the latest updates. Our blog content is updated several times a week with the latest from the team at

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  • Doc

    Production support for Istio

    We provide many advantages for supporting open source Istio and Envoy Proxy in enterprise production environments, including N-4 version support, SLAs, private Slack, best practices, fixes, and back-porting.

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  • Videos

    Check out our library of on-demand videos showing you have to get started with products and much more!

    Our team has developed a variety of On-demand videos, including demos to help you get started with Gloo Edge, Gloo Mesh and Gloo Portal.

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  • Blog

    Get Started with Istio EBook

    Learn the basics of Istio and explore the concept of a service mesh. See how to install Istio, use intelligent routing, enable service-service securit, set-up access control.

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  • Gloo Mesh named Outperformer and Leader in GigaOM Radar Report for Service Mesh

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