Webinar Recap: What’s New in Gloo v0.18

Betty Junod | September 1, 2019

Last week we hosted a webinar with Rick Ducott our Director of Engineering and Scott Weiss, Principal Engineer to go over the latest features in Gloo open source and enterprise featured in the previous engineering update blog.

In this webinar, Rick explained these features in more detail:

  • TCP Proxying to databases, message queues, caches and more
  • Support for non-Kubernetes environments
  • Integration to Hashicorp Consul, Nomad and Vault
  • Expanded support for routing to AWS EC2 instances
  • More Envoy Features including Access Logs and Tracing
  • New admin user interface

Watch the recording to get demos of the integration to Hashicorp suite, the new Gloo Enterprise admin UI and hear Rick talk about what’s coming next.

Watch the Recording

View the Presentation

Enjoy the session and check out these links for more info

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