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Introducing Auth and Rate Limiting in Gloo Open Source

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in the use of Gloo as a production API gateway, using Gloo to configure and route requests through Envoy Proxy to applications. As the community around Gloo has grown, we’ve been working hard to respond to feedback and make Gloo the top choice for different […]

Rick Ducott | October 15, 2019
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Rate Limiting with Envoy Proxy based API Gateways

In this post, we’ll dig into Rate Limiting and its role in API Gateways. What is Rate Limiting? Rate limiting is the ability to specify how many times an end user can call a service within a rate (time interval like per second, minute, hour) and even setting a quota (total number received within a […]

Betty Junod | July 29, 2019
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