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Two-Phased Canary Releases with Gloo, Part 2

In the last part, we looked at how you can use Gloo to set up a two-phased approach to canary testing and rolling out new versions of your services. In the first phase, you redirect a small slice of your traffic so you can verify the functionality of the new version. Once satisfied, you move […] Engineering | April 19, 2020
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5 minutes with Gloo — Upstream Groups

If you’re familiar with Gloo, you might be aware that Gloo already supports splitting traffic into multiple destinations, which is especially useful for Canary Deployments and A/B tests, and that’s great! If you’re new to Gloo, I recommend this post on the Anatomy of a Virtual Service. In this latest release of Gloo (v0.13.7), we added […] Engineering | March 29, 2019
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