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Betty Junod | September 4, 2019

It’s officially fall at our Boston headquarters and we are excited to spend the fall with you — our schedule events and webinars is growing daily and we appreciate you, the local meetup organizers, community leaders and ambassadors for welcoming us to your community and allowing us to participate in your events.

Save these September dates in your calendar and share with a friend — see you soon. Interested in having a speaker at your event? Email us!

Sept 10 | HashiConf 2019 | View Schedule

We are excited to have Idit Levine speak at HashiConf in Seattle about How to Securely bridge across the cloud native divide with API Gateways and Service Mesh using Gloo, Consul, Nomad and Vault.

Session abstract: Hybrid is king in today’s application stack, as development and deployment of Kubernetes native must co-exist with applications in VMs or functions. The challenges in deploying and operating an environment with such diversity lie within ensuring security, consistency, and connectivity across these different environments. Gloo is a next generation API Gateway and control plane built on Envoy Proxy. In this talk, we will demonstrate the integration of Gloo to Nomad, Consul, and Vault to operate an API Gateway, discover and route to services living within or outside of Kubernetes to provide ultimate flexibility while maintaining consistency and security.

Sept 10 | GraphQL Boston Meetup | Join Group

Meetup hosts Arturo Campos and Leo Kin are hosting the second GraphQL meetup at the Facebook Boston meetup. Fill out this form if you are interested in sharing your story at this or a future meetup.

Sept 19 | Bay Area Kubernetes Meetup |

Join the Meetup Group

Scott Cranton joins the SF meetup agenda this month to focus on ingress. Kubernetes users need to allow traffic to flow into and within the cluster. Treating the application traffic separately from the business logic allows new possibilities in how service-to-service traffic is served, controlled, and observed. It also provides a transition to application networking architectures like Service Mesh. In this talk, Idit will show how leveraged Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes to build and operationalize a multi-purpose control plane to provide ingress and gateway functionality and seamlessly integrate to service meshes like Istio. Demos included to show how’s Gloo and Service Mesh Hub work in Kubernetes and Istio environments.

Sept 20 | Open Core Summit 2019 | Register Here

Idit Levine joins this year’s Open Core Summit to present the topic: Truth and Lies — The Real Story Behind Open Source Communities and Commercial Success — Idit Levine, The perception of what makes open source successful is wildly different than the reality. Building the best tool and open sourcing it does not mean that it will gain adoption or recognition by your end users. As a current or future founder, what should you expect and anticipate in working within open source, navigating the community and working alongside large corporations with entire engineering departments and multi-million dollar marketing budgets dedicated to open source. This is not to say that it is not possible to be successful with a new idea, the key is to go into the endeavor with your eyes open and aware of the realities at the technical, business and industry level.

This session will discuss these truths by breaking down experiences at and others in the ecosystem to look at what happened, the dynamics at play, what we can learn from them and how to incorporate the approach into your strategy.

Sept 24 | Webinar 1PM Eastern | Register Now

Securing Microservices with API Gateways

The transition from monolithic to microservices architecture changes how we not only build but also operationalize these new applications. Defined as a set of loosely coupled services, the approach to securing microservices needs to evolve from the practices used for monoliths to accommodate the sheer quantity of services, types of endpoints and who is able to access them and how.

Modern API gateways present an opportunity to be a control point for security between the people and services in the outside world and the services they are trying to access within your datacenter or cloud. Attend this session to learn how Gloo, the next generation API Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress Controller built on Envoy Proxy helps you to secure your microservices.

Sept 25 | Docker Dublin Meetup | Join Group

Christian Posta will headline the September Meetup with a talk on Harnessing the Power of Service Mesh and how it solves the challenges of service-to-service communication. Service mesh gives application developers a baseline set of functionalities like service discovery, client-side load balancing, timeouts, retries, circuit breakers, etc that work regardless of framework or language. Additionally, service mesh gives operators a set of L7 controls over traffic routing, policy enforcement, and strong identity and security. Service mesh lays the foundation and API to L7 networking that allows you to build tools to solve new problems of debugging distributed systems.

This demo-heavy talk will show how Squash, Gloo Shot, and Loop allow you to trigger, replay, and investigate failure modes of your microservices in a language agnostic and efficient manner without requiring any changes to your code.

Sept 26 | CloudNative London | View Schedule

Christian Posta is joining this year’s CloudNative London conference agenda with the talk: Istio service mesh vs AWS App Mesh: how about both? This talk about how Service mesh is a separate layer on top of your deployment platform that solves the challenges around resilient, secure, and observable service-to-service communication. And how the many service mesh implementations like Istio, Linkerd, and Consul have left us spoilt for choice. So what happens if you deploy to a Kubernetes-based platform on-premises and leverage Istio for your service mesh, but also deploy to AWS infrastructure (including EKS) for your public-cloud solution? AWS has an out-of-the box service mesh called App Mesh so should you just leverage that? He’ll look at the harsh reality of solving service-to-service communication between services, between clusters, and potentially between platforms/clouds and how things like security, observability, and routing can be accomplished in a hybrid environment.

Sept 27 | Cloud Field Day 6 | Learn More will be presenting at the 6th Cloud Field Day, a gathering of innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. Independent bloggers, speakers, freelance writers, and podcasters have a public presence that has immense influence on the ways that products and companies are perceived by IT practitioners. Follow along online to the livestream featuring Idit Levine and Christian Posta.

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