What is Istio?

This 7-minute read is meant to be primer for developers, operators, and anyone curious about Istio service mesh. Istio basics To answer the question “what is Istio?”, we need to establish some context first. Modern applications are often composed of microservices that run in containers distributed on-premises and in the cloud. As they are decomposed […]

Nikki Rouda | September 8, 2021
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Gloo Mesh Gateway demo video

Gloo Mesh Gateway is a full-featured API gateway, built on Istio, for managing North-South traffic to Kubernetes, VMs, and serverless functions. Gloo Mesh Gateway provides a unified, global control plane for both edge and service mesh use cases. It reduces complexity, increases security, increases reliability, and increases observability for consistent applications and microservices connectivity. It […]

Nikki Rouda | August 30, 2021
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The New Stack – Secure Your Service Mesh: A 13-Item Checklist

Solo customers always rank security as one of the top criteria for evaluating solutions. When you need to decide whether to go with open-source Istio, Gloo Mesh Enterprise, or another offering, use our service mesh security checklist to help you make the smart choice. This article originally appeared on The New Stack. “Organizations worldwide are […]

Nikki Rouda | August 11, 2021
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Getting value from your API gateways and service mesh

A lot of people ask, “why do I need Solo?” when they think about getting value from API gateways and service mesh. Let’s answer this question by looking at the macro-trends in tech, the implications, what solutions are needed to address these implications, and finally why Solo is uniquely positioned to help. Industry trends push […]

Nikki Rouda | August 9, 2021
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Explore Gloo Portal in our demo video

Want to see a Gloo Portal demo video of our developer portal that abstracts the complexity and enables developers to publish, document, share, discover, and use APIs with rich controls, detailed configuration information, and comprehensive security? Not quite ready to commit to a live demo or trial, but want to see the product in action? […]

Nikki Rouda | July 27, 2021
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Take a tour of Gloo Mesh in 7 minutes

Curious about Gloo Mesh, our Istio-based service mesh manager? Not quite ready to commit to a live demo or trial, but want to see the product in action? Solo.io field engineer Ram Vennam will take you on a 7-minute guided tour of core capabilities in this Gloo Mesh demo video of how to manage an […]

Nikki Rouda | July 22, 2021
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The value of production LTS support: zero-day response to Istio CVEs

Istio support for CVEs We often talk about zero-day attacks and exploits in the context of cyber-security and operations, but how often do you hear about a zero-day response to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in the IT industry? Here at Solo we have provided fixes within 24 hours to high severity CVEs in Istio, […]

Nikki Rouda | July 7, 2021
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Announcing GA for Gloo Edge 1.8 and Gloo Portal 1.0

Today we are thrilled to be announcing general availability (GA) for both Gloo Edge 1.8 (our API gateway based on Envoy Proxy) and Gloo Portal 1.0 (a developer portal for API management with full feature developer portal to catalog and share APIs.) Note that Gloo Portal is not sold as a standalone product, it is […]

Nikki Rouda | June 29, 2021
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Tech debt and the value of API gateways and service meshes in application modernization

Any organization that has been around for more than a couple years has tech debt around their applications, even if they were making the best decisions with technologies and methodologies available at the time. Applications always need to evolve to meet the needs of customers, and those who stop innovating are doomed. Let’s look at […]

Nikki Rouda | June 21, 2021
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Enterprise support for Istio in production

With the exploding popularity of Kubernetes has come a corresponding interest in Istio as a service mesh to support distributed applications and microservices. The challenge is that Istio can be complex for those unfamiliar with its features (and limitations.) Solo.io provides enterprise support for Istio environments to help you avoid pitfalls and resolve issues quickly. […]

Nikki Rouda | June 7, 2021
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Ode to Istio

  When your Kubernetes ingress must work and your CIO is kinda being a jerk, all you need to do is insist -io that you adopt Istio.   When you need to discover microservice apps and yer upstreams are spread o’er the maps, don’t hunt gorillas in the mist -io, explore using Istio.   When […]

Nikki Rouda | May 28, 2021
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Connecting microservices on Red Hat OpenShift across operating environments

Application modernization journeys usually align to a few overlapping trends, including containers, cloud, and microservices. If you’ve chosen Red Hat OpenShift as your container orchestrator platform, congratulations, you’re already halfway home. Indeed, the IDC report “The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift” declares “[w]ith a Kubernetes platform offering such as Red Hat’s OpenShift, organizations can […]

Nikki Rouda | May 27, 2021
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