Back to the Future: SOAP and XSLT with Gloo Edge 1.8

No, you don’t need a time machine to encounter SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), an XML messaging protocol from the turn of the century. SOAP remains prevalent today for enterprise web services across a number of industries, including financial services and healthcare. Unfortunately, SOAP (and associated legacy middleware applications) hold back large scale modernization efforts […]

Sai Ekbote | June 15, 2021
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GlooOps: Progressive delivery, the GitOps way

Often times, growing teams and companies find themselves at a point where their CI/CD pipeline becomes more of a hindrance than a convenience to their application delivery. Deployments break and it’s not clear which code changes were responsible, config changes are hard to track, and getting back to a previous working state often means bootstrapping […]

Sai Ekbote | June 8, 2021
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