Dynamic routing with Gloo Edge

Photo by Jin xc on Unsplash In the race for APIs, it’s best to think carefully about your API management solution. With Kubernetes gaining popularity, whether on-premises or on public clouds, we strongly suggest you adopt a Kubernetes-native solution like Gloo Edge. An emerging need of our customers, especially those who operate multi-tenant platforms, is […]

Baptiste Collard | April 28, 2021
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[Tutorial] Secure the Edge with Gloo and get your A+ grade!

With the rise of “HTTPS first”, companies had to make the move to automated pipelines for certificate management. One of the most popular Certificate Authorities is Let’s Encrypt, certainly because of its free & self-service infrastructure for signing certificate requests. In this blog post, we will explore Gloo Edge options around TLS. In order to […]

Baptiste Collard | April 6, 2021
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[Tutorial] Advanced mTLS with Gloo Edge

    In this article, you will learn how Gloo Edge can enforce a custom security policy.   Gloo Edge Gloo Edge is the next generation API Gateway built on top of Envoy. This means you get the power of the most famous cloud-native proxy without the hassle of having to understand its inner workings. […]

Baptiste Collard | February 3, 2021
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