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Application Networking from
Edge to Service Mesh

Built on Istio and Envoy Proxy, built for Kubernetes, VMs & Cloud

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Gloo Mesh brings together Istio and Cilium networking, observability, and security
Including Workspaces, a new API, and an improved UI
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What We Do

As you modernize your applications into distributed microservices with Kubernetes containers spanning on-premises and clouds, you need to connect, manage, and secure complex application traffic. Solo offers Gloo Edge, an Envoy Proxy-based API gateway for application traffic at the edge, and Gloo Mesh, an Istio-based service mesh. Solo helps you simplify your application networking with unified control, reliability, observability, extensibility, and security. We reduce your effort and risk, so you can focus on innovation with your applications.

Crawl, Walk, Run & Fly

At, we have helped thousands of organizations with their adoption of Istio and Envoy Proxy.
Everyone’s journey is different, but typically goes through 4 phases:


Access to Expertise and Long-term Support (LTS)

If you’re using Istio and Envoy Proxy, we offer the production support you need including:

Best practices, architecture reviews, and help driving upstream bug and feature requests

Private slack channels to get your questions answered fast

Long-term support (LTS) with enterprise SLAs, patches and security fixes backported across four Istio versions


Enterprise-Required Features

Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge are upstream versions of Istio and Envoy Proxy providing key capabilities including:

Comprehensive security,
zero-trust application networking, and FIPS-readiness

API sharing and management
for developers with Gloo Portal

Observability across aggregated logs with Prometheus, Grafana, and an admin dashboard


Extend & Scale Across Teams and the Enterprise

Expanding across the enterprise requires new workflows and controls including:

Global service discovery, routing, and distributed tracing

Role-based access control, approval processes and rollback, and delegation

Advanced customization with WebAssembly (Wasm) filters


Multi-Cluster, Multi-Mesh on Cloud and Hybrid

Easily manage large, complex, global environments with advanced capabilities including:

Multi-cluster and multi-mesh for complex hybrid and
multi-cloud environments

Global and local failover policies, and no-interruption updates for reliability

Unified, federated policy management to centrally control all policies and enforcement

Our Products

Deliver a simplified and unified experience for ensuring
connectivity, security, observability and reliability.

Istio-based service mesh & gateway

  • Upstream and FIPS-ready Istio-based service mesh
  • Enterprise-class connectivity, security, observability and reliability
  • Extend & customize with WebAssembly
  • Federated multi-cluster, multi- and hybrid cloud support
  • Access to Istio experts with SLAs
  • Long-term support (LTS) across four latest Istio versions

Envoy Proxy-based API gateway

  • API gateway and ingress controller to manage and secure Layer 4-7 application traffic
  • Enterprise-class connectivity, traffic management, security, observability, and control
  • Extend & customize with WebAssembly
  • Includes Gloo Portal with gRPC API management
  • Access to Envoy experts with SLAs

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